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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

Shopping for an ocean lover around the holidays can be difficult. Even more difficult is finding the perfect present for your loved one that is also eco-friendly. While it’s tempting to buy up all of the winter essentials stocking the shelves, anyone who loves the beach is still dreaming about summer skies no matter what the temperature is outside. Luckily, there are many eco-friendly gift ideas that will bring a little warmth to any holiday celebration, whether you live in New York or Hawai’i. Check out Kaiona Swimwear’s eco-friendly holiday gift guide below! Reef Safe Sunscreen A colorful sunscreen tin is the perfect thing to brighten up any stocking and reminisce on weekends spent in the sunshine. Picking out an eco-friendly...

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What is Coral Bleaching and What You Can Do to Help

To experience the array of colors, marine life, and surprises of a coral reef ecosystem in deep blue seas can be magical. You need very little equipment. A mask, a snorkel, fins, and of course a great swimsuit or fabulous bikini (eco-friendly of course). Corals are loved for their vibrant colors that often shine through the crystal clear water and beautify the undersea landscape. Coral is home to the most fascinating and diverse fish and wildlife. During the warmest summer months, the brilliant colors of these corals have faded. This is due to coral bleaching and is the result of climate change and sea temperature rise, which not only strips away their beautiful color, but can also take their life....

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How to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

For many people, swimsuits are an everyday wear. Kaiona Swimwear was founded right on the island of Oʻahu by an ocean lover, so when we say “everyday wear” we mean it! Our Hawaiian sustainable swimwear brand is made out of high-quality fabric from recycled ocean plastic and has a variety of prints and colors. The fabric is extremely durable and made for anything from lounging out to athletic activities like surfing. Just like your favorite shirt, you want your favorite swimsuit to last as long as possible, and we have many tips and tricks to help with that. How long should a swimsuit last? At a minimum, a quality bikini should last at least a year, but it depends on...

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Plastic Pollution and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic pollution is one of the worlds biggest problems to this day. The Earth's ecosystems are filled with plastic, big and small, that aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Plastic actually has quite a short history. The first synthetic plastic was produced in the early 1900s, and since then it has grown to become the most mass-produced material in the world. Because plastic is so durable, versatile, and malleable, it quickly became one of the most used materials. Consumers saw how longlasting it was, and started to replace many household items like glass plates, cups, and storage containers, with new plastic versions. Little did we know that this small change would make a huge impact on the earth just over 100...

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Sustainable Swimwear: What is Recycled Nylon?

Kaiona Swimwear is a small Hawaii bikini brand that focuses on slow fashion to create affordable bathing suits with a purpose. Our brand helps fight the world's pollution problem by taking old plastic, and making it into comfy, moveable, sustainable swimwear. We see the importance of making smart, conscious decisions to help our earth, and believe in giving people the opportunity to own clothing made ethically and from a material that is actually making a difference!  What is recycled nylon made of? Understanding what you are buying, and what it’s made of is an important step to becoming more earth-friendly. Most clothing, from shoes to swimsuits, includes some sort of plastic material, which eventually ends up in our oceans or...

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