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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

Shopping for an ocean lover around the holidays can be difficult. Even more difficult is finding the perfect present for your loved one that is also eco-friendly. While it’s tempting to buy up all of the winter essentials stocking the shelves, anyone who loves the beach is still dreaming about summer skies no matter what the temperature is outside. Luckily, there are many eco-friendly gift ideas that will bring a little warmth to any holiday celebration, whether you live in New York or Hawai’i. Check out Kaiona Swimwear’s eco-friendly holiday gift guide below!

Reef Safe Sunscreen

A colorful sunscreen tin is the perfect thing to brighten up any stocking and reminisce on weekends spent in the sunshine. Picking out an eco-friendly sunscreen is as simple as checking the ingredient list on the package. Coral bleaching is a serious consequence of warming ocean temperatures, but it’s also possible that our oceans and coral reefs are damaged by non-reef safe sunscreens. Any sunscreen that contains harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, oxycilate, and octocrylene leech from your skin into the water and harm the ecosystem. When deciding if a sunscreen (or anything you put on your body for that matter) is safe or not, use the general rule “if it’s in the ingredient list and I can’t say it, it probably shouldn’t enter our oceans.” 

Sunscreen is an essential for any outdoor enthusiast and ocean lover. Luckily, there are many reef safe sunscreen options out there. Mineral-based sunscreen with ingredients like zinc and titanium oxide are the best options to protect our natural environment and are sure to bring your loved ones joy. 

Eco-friendly Waterproof Headbands

The hardest part about any beach day is keeping your hair under control. Whether you like to surf, search for seashells, or relax on your towel, the wind and the waves tousle and tangle your locks. Kaiona Swimwear’s waterproof headbands are any beach bag essential! The headbands are made out of the same recycled fabric as our eco-friendly swimwear, making them a sustainable gift for under your tree. 

This soft headband is made to get wet, making it perfect for both in and out of the water. The thick material of this soft headband is easy to wash, quick drying, and even offers SPF 50+ sun protection! An eco-friendly hair accessory is guaranteed to get anyone excited about the beach days ahead.

Braided Soft Headband, eco-friendly fabric

Reusable Straw Set

One of the easiest single-use plastic products to replace in your daily life are straws and anyone who is trying to be more eco-minded will appreciate receiving one. You may not even realize how many plastic straws you’re using since they're automatically handed out at restaurants and fast food establishments, however estimates are around 49 straws per person, per month. Reusable straws can be carried with you in a travel kit and are available in bamboo, silicone, or stainless steel. Reusable straws are perfect for sipping on an ice cold coconut or cocktail while relaxing in your beach chair. Buying a metal straw and using it is just a small change anyone can do that helps protect our oceans from unnecessary plastic pollution. There are so many different varieties of reusable straws out there, but you can get your beach lover a set in their favorite color. Check out the Kaiona Swimwear metal straw travel kit. It’s a meaningful and functional gift that will bring your loved one one step further down the path to sustainability.

Metal Straw kit rose gold

Seed Starter Kits

This gift is perfect for any beach lover that also has a passion for plants! A holiday season in quarantine means a lot of time to grow and nurture seeds. To make this gift even more sustainable and special, you can pick your loved one’s favorite vegetables to put into the seed kit or seeds from a native plant where they live. Picking out the seeds and pots will be just as much fun for you as it will be for them to open and grow. Having home grown herbs, vegetables, or plants at home is a rewarding eco-friendly project that they will remember. Plants reduce carbon pollution, and brighten up any space.

Tip: Ditch the wrapping paper!

Did you know wrapping paper is coated with single use plastic and can’t be recycled? One way to make this holiday season more green is by sustainably wrapping each present. Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas include reusing old newspapers or grocery bags, choosing recyclable kraft paper, or wrapping gifts in bandanas, sarongs, or dish towels that can be used afterwards (and are kind of like a second gift). Get creative with what you use! It not only makes your gift unique, but it is so much more rewarding for the person getting the gift since they will immediately see that you were thoughtful enough to put the planet first.

Happy holidays from the Kaiona Swimwear ‘ohana, we hope your holiday season is sunny and warm!

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